A Campaign for the King of the Superfoods from the Plant of the Gods

Super delicious, extremely healthy and very easy to use in all your dishes!

Believe it or not, but the seeds of the Cannabis Sativa, are the seeds of the most useful and nature friendly plant on earth. One of the only things you cannot make from it, is a joint, since it doesn’t contain much THC (the psycho-active ingredient in marihuana). But the list of products that can be made from the industrial hemp, includes bio fuel, plastic, concrete, textile, paper, medicines and food.

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The Seeddharta Hemp(food) Campaigns aim is to spread the amazing truth about hemp. Therefor we choose to spread the seeds of this wonderful plant, to give you a seed for thought. This seeds you can order, contains the life to the most useful and nature friendly plant on earth. It is also seen as one of the best sources for protein. It contains loads of minerals, vitamins and Omega’s (3, 6 and 9). Therefor it is called a Superfood. Some even call it “The King of the Superfoods”.

The seeds won’t make you high, but will make you healthy. The shelled version taste like pine nuts, and can literally be used in every recipe to enhance the nutritional value and taste.

Click on the link if you want to know more about hemp or about hempseeds, or if you want to order right away.